Winter Is Just Round The Corner!

29th Oct 2018

Winter Is Just Round The Corner!

You may have noticed that its getting pretty cold? I will just leave you with a few helpful tips that you can carry out just now to help keep your shed protected in the colder months.


While you’re out checking your garden building; have a look for potential issues that need sorting. Are there any plants growing up outside? How is the general condition of shed? Are there loose boards or anyway for water to get in?

If so it will be worth your while spending a little time to have these repaired. While some issues can seem minor just now, things like this can aid much bigger problems especially in winter months.

Clear Up the Inside!

While you're cleaning the inside of your garden building; make sure you check for any potential issues like damp or lose boards?  Also have a look at what else you are storing; are there any liquids that could spill and cause damp? Wet; tents, golf club bags and even bikes, all contribute to moisture mould.

One thing to do is simply have a quick clean out. Store any pet food/bird feed in containers to prevent any animals attempting to make a winter home there!

Make Sure it’s Treated!

If you haven’t done so already, the best time to do this is now so that your garden building is protected during the cold, wet months. This especially applies to older sheds that maybe haven’t had a coat of paint in a few years. 

Both Oil and Water work in completely different ways; oil penetrates the timber whereas water seals it. Both work equally as well as long as you are using a reputable brand. Make sure you buy the right treatment for your garden building. Tantalised building will need tanalith treatment; whereas standard dip treated building will need a water or oil based wood treatment.