The Popular Cabin


The Popular Cabin is an all round garden building with the look of a summerhouse and the storage capacity of a shed.  It features winged sides, a 2'6" door and 2 windows to the front.  The building is available in 3 sizes.  This building is delivery only, fitting is an optional extra. This building is available factory spray painted in a choice of over 30 colours.  

Please note the images shown are for illustration purpose only and each building will vary accordingly to the specifications.  ALL TIMBER SIZES ARE IMPERIAL AND NOMINAL.

Please note that our prices are currently being updated.

  • The Popular Cabin 5' x 7'Check back soon
  • The Popular Cabin 6' x 8'Check back soon
  • The Popular Cabin 8' x 8'Check back soon

Popular Cabin 5' x 7'

  • Fitting£45
  • Factory Painted D/O£875
  • Bearers£40 (4)
  • Toughened Glass£56
  • 3/4" Floor£47
  • Heavy Duty Felt£42

Popular Cabin 6' x 8'

  • Fitting£50
  • Factory Painted D/O£1000
  • Bearers£45(4)
  • Toughened Glass£56
  • 3/4" Floor£65
  • Heavy Duty Felt£55

Popular Cabin 8' x 8'

  • Fitting£70
  • Factory Painted D/O£1,200
  • Bearers£60(4)
  • Toughened Glass£56
  • 3/4" Floor£85
  • Heavy Duty Felt£68

Framing: 44mm x 27mm.

Cladding: 12mm Tongue and Groove Shiplap.

Roof Boards: 12mm Tongue and Groove Matchboard.

Roof: Quality mineral felt

Floor : 12mm Tongue and Groove Matchboard with the option of 19mm.

Door: 2'6" 762mm Wide, RHH as standard 1689mm high.

Windows: 18" x 24" 457mm x 610mm.

Eaves Height: 1746mm.

Tallest Point: 7' Gable 2160mm.   8' Gable 2327mm.