Terms & Conditions


All orders are accepted under the following terms and conditions, which constitute a legally binding contract. Customers are advised to read this carefully before signing.

1. Orders can only be accepted if completed in full, this includes but is not
limited to diagrams, tick boxes with initials and signature(s).

2. Amendments to orders – If you need to change your building design; we
need to be informed up to 10 working days before delivery and installation,
any amendments will be subject to price increases applied after the initial
order date.

3. Specification – We reserve the right to change, alter and withdraw products
and components without notice if they pose a safety or functionality risk.

4. Delivery – Delivery dates and lead times are not an essence of the order.
Delivery is arranged to the convenience of the company in agreement with
the customer. Specific times will not be provided due to the nature of the
work. Customers are required to be on site to receive the building. If the
customer fails to keep arrangement, we reserve the rights to recover our
reasonable costs. In extreme circumstances the delivery and installation
of a building may need to be delayed, we reserve the right to a reasonable

5. Access – The customer will agree clear access to the height of eight feet
is available from where the delivery vehicle is parked to location of the
installation (base). Under no circumstances will components be carried
over garage roofs, fences, hedges, walls etc. If these obstacles arise it
will be classed as a failed delivery and we reserve the right to recover our
reasonable costs. The customer will take responsibility and ensure there
is ample parking for our vehicle(s) on the day of delivery and installation
and provide any parking permits required for the correct vehicle type.

6. Accidental Damage to Property – No responsibility will be accepted for
accidental damage caused to the customers property during delivery/
installation. The customer is required to remove/protect items such as
hanging baskets, pots, archways, pergolas, vehicles, driveways, satellite
dishes, newly laid turf etc. before delivery/installation.

7. Base/Location of the Building – Installation can only take place if the
base is totally solid, flat, level and of sufficient size. If the base/location
of the building is inadequate it will be classed as a failed installation and
we reserve the rights to recover our reasonable costs. It is the customers
responsibility to ensure the base is of the correct type/size considering roof
overhangs and the space needed for maintenance and installation, we
require at least 6-inch clearance all the way around the building to allow
for roof overhangs. Once the building has been installed any movement or
subsidence of the base or surrounding area is the sole responsibility of the

8. Missing/Damaged Components – In the case any components are
missing or damaged we will either repair or replace with new ones free
of charge, this is providing notification of such shortage or damage is
advised upon delivery or in writing within 24 hours. Your statutory rights
are not affected.

9. Factory Treated Building Finish – All buildings will come as standard with
a factory treated finish, this is a water based pre-treatment; customers
will need to retreat the building with a second stage within three months
of installation to protect the building, further information can be found
on our website www.ukgardenbuildings.co.uk under the information and
maintenance guides. This forms part of general maintenance.

10. Tanalised Timber Finish – Grade 2 is used on our tanalised buildings;
this will protect the timber against rot for up to 15 years, tanalised timber
will still need to be treated as it is unprotected from other factors such as
UV. More information on our tanalised timber can be found on our website
www.ukgardenbuildings.co.uk. This forms part of general maintenance.

11. Factory Spray Painted Building Finish – Factory spray painted buildings
are sprayed with a Teknos high build microporous system. Every care is
taken during the factory finishing process, however very occasionally and
due to specific circumstances out of our control, levels of discolouration
and exudation may be found, particularly on and around the margin of
the knots (resin exudation and blistering). Darker colours and high
exposure will exacerbate this effect. Customers are advised to read the
information and maintenance guide which can be found on our website
www.ukgardenbuildings.co.uk. For further information please visit, www.
teknosonline.co.uk and www.trada.co.uk

12. Timber – due to the timber used to manufacture our buildings being a
natural softwood product, movement may occur. Boards may expand/
contract throughout the seasons due to weather conditions. This is beyond
our control.

13. Roofing Felt – Roofing felt is supplied with all our sheds and
summerhouses. The felt may shrink and expand throughout the year due to
temperature fluctuations, this can sometimes cause a rippled effect and
cannot be avoided. Roofing felt carries no guarantee due to the differing
environmental factors that affect its longevity.

14. Maintenance – All buildings will require regular maintenance; customers
can refer to our maintenance guides located on our website www.
ukgardenbuildings.co.uk. It is the responsibility of the customer to
maintain their building.

15. Guarantee – Full details of our guarantees can be found on our website
www.uk gardenbuildings.co.uk, each guarantee may differ depending on
the building finish/components chosen.

16. On-line orders – The Consumer Contracts (information, cancellation, and
additional charges) Regulation 2013 apply.

17. Payment Schedule – Payment for the product is required in three
instalments they are as follows; first instalment is 15% of the overall
order value and is payable at point of purchase, second instalment
is a minimum of 40% of the overall order value to secure your delivery
and installation date, the final payment is the balance payment and is
required no later than 10 working days before the delivery and installation
date. The building will remain the property of UK Garden Buildings Rugeley
Ltd until full payment is received.

18. Cancellation/Postponement – We require customers to notify us as soon
as possible to cancel/postpone the manufacture/installation of their
building, customers who fail to notify us maybe subject to cancellation
and/or storage charges.

19. Charges – charges can be applied for failed delivery/installation,
postponement and cancellation and are as follows:
a) Postponement: there is no charge for delaying the delivery and
installation up to 10 working days prior to the delivery date. 5%
of the overall order value will be charged for postponement less
than 10 working days before delivery and installation. Delivery and
installation can only be postponed once up to 60 working days after
the initial scheduled date before the order is cancelled and a refund
is processed minus any charges that have been applied. Postponed
orders may be subject to any price increases that have been applied
since the order has been placed.
b) Cancellation: you can cancel your order any time up to 10 working
days prior to delivery and installation. If the order is cancelled less
than 10 working days prior to delivery and installation there will be
a charge of 35% of the overall order value.
c) Failed Delivery/Installation: failed installation charges can
be applied due to an inadequate base. These will carry a 20%
storage and return installation charge, should you choose to keep
the building on site the fee will reduce to a 15% return charge
to install the building once the base has been rectified by the
customer. Failed delivery charges can be applied when access to
the base is restricted/impossible, the charge will be 12% to reduce
the building's section size and 15% return charge to install the building.

All requests to postpone or cancel need to be received in writing either by email
to cu[email protected] or post sent to UK Garden
Buildings, Unit N, Beacon Business Park, Weston Road, Stafford, ST18 0WL.


Please remember that your building is timber and therefore requires maintenance, we suggest that you regularly inspect your painted building and re-paint when required, please check areas of high use such as the doors and areas that are fully exposed to the elements. Some parts such as the fascia boards can be unscrewed on the elite range to enable you to paint them easily, due to the location and purpose of the fascia we recommend these are frequently checked.  Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us or look at the Teknos website.