8 Garden Room Ideas To Spruce Up Your Back Garden

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 Is your back garden looking a little unloved and lacklustre? If so, you might be looking for ways to make the most of your outdoor spaces. Although there are lots of potentially great ways to do that, one that really stands out is having a garden room installed. There are so many uses for a garden room that once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. With that in mind, here are some fantastic garden room ideas to get you started.


Home Office

With remote work being so popular and with so many people deciding that working from home is a good idea, having a wonderful garden building as a dedicated home office space can be exactly the right thing to do. Just imagine how much peace and quiet you would get with an office in your garden rather than your home, and because you can add your own decorating ideas to your garden office (perhaps with the help of an interior designer), you can make it your own and really get comfortable in there.


Pool House

For those fortunate enough to have a pool at home, a pool house can be a fantastic addition – it gives you somewhere to get changed, store your pool equipment, or even just take a few moments to relax before or after a swim. When you have a pool room, you can install double glazed windows and bi fold doors to keep things cosy and to give you a great connection to the outside world.


Home Gym

Something else we’re all doing more of these days is trying to get fitter and healthier, so home gyms could be the perfect thing to use your garden room for. When you have your own gym at home, you can exercise whenever you want without any interruptions, and when you look at custom garden rooms, you’ll soon see that you can include all your favourite workout equipment, mirrors, and perhaps even a shower too.

 Garden Bar

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the fresh air in your back garden, and when you add a garden room in the shape of a garden bar, you’ll like it even more. Enjoy cocktails, a glass of wine or beer, or a cooling soft drink in the comfort of your own home bar.

Living Space

Garden rooms are so versatile that you don’t need to be limited; you could turn a garden room into an extension of your home if you want to – perhaps actually added to your property itself as a living space. Make it a cosy place to read or just relax without any electronics, make it a dining room, make it a guest room, or anything else you want. Remember to check out planning permission if you want to go down this route, though, just in case you need it.


Art Studio

Bespoke garden rooms are the ideal places to enjoy your hobbies, and if you love to draw, paint, sculpt, do pottery, or anything else, you might want your own room to do it in. Having an art studio in the garden means you’ll always have a sanctuary to go to, and you can be as messy as you like!


Outdoor Cinema

Why watch a movie the old-fashioned way on your TV when you could watch it on a big screen in cinema seats in your garden room? It’s not as hard as it seems to make your own home cinema, and with a good project, screen, and sound equipment, it can be a brilliant idea.

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