Do Garden Rooms Add Value to a Property?

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Garden rooms are a simple way to add extra floor space to a home. They make an excellent alternative to loft conversions and can even become a garden office for those who work from home. If you want to build a garden room, you are likely interested in what it does to the value of your home. So – do garden rooms add value to a property?

Luckily, the answer is – yes! A garden room can add a lot of value to a home, even going as far as attracting more potential buyers to your property. 

How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add to a Property?

So, how much value does a garden room add to a property? Of course, this depends on the kind of garden room added. 

Property expert Robert Ellis of Nutbrook Property says this:

“I would estimate that the value added would be about 1.5x the cost of the building installation. The convenience value is also significant and must be considered for homeowners.”

So, there you have it – garden rooms can add 1.5x the installation cost. That’s from a property expert, and many estate agents would agree. If you go with a cost-effective route like a home-built garden room, you could see a significant profit! 

Tips for Giving Your Garden Room More Value

Get Planning Permission

While most garden rooms don’t require planning permission, failing to check and get it could lead to a costly issue down the road. So, before giving your home the extra space, first, check that you are allowed to build it! Garden rooms cost money, and you don’t want to have to undo all your hard work. 

Give the Room a Purpose

A garden room without a purpose can look a little dull and worthless. To add as much value as possible, give the room a meaning. For example, you could build a home office, all kitted out with office storage space and furniture. Or, you could appeal to fitness fanatics by building a garden gym! That’s something you don’t see on every property listing and is sure to appeal to many. 

Provide Enough Floor Space

Garden buildings that don’t add much floor space can be expensive without being worthy of the build. So, when building your garden room, ensure it has enough floor space to be useful. 

Build a High-Quality Space

When it comes to building a garden room, quality matters; after all, you want the room to be structurally strong and insulated. That way, the garden room will be useable all year long. 

Invest in a Garden Room to Add Value to Your Property 

As you can see, adding a high-quality garden room can boost your property’s value! With the property being worth 1.5 times more than the installation cost, it’s definitely worth investing in. Of course, you must build a quality, attractive garden room for that to work. At Elite Garden Rooms, we have a wide range of exquisite garden rooms to suit any property. With our high-quality materials and talented team, you can be sure of increased property value.

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