Maximize Outdoor Living - 6 Inspiring Garden Room Ideas for Your Oasis

If you want to keep up with trends in modern home décor and design, you might want to think about adding a garden room because you can easily have a seamless indoor-to-outdoor spaces (and back again!) link, which is all the rage.

 Of course, you don’t want to just install outdoor rooms for the sake of it, so what could you do with it when you have one? Don’t worry – there are loads of garden room ideas to maximise outdoor living that can help you make the most of any Elite garden rooms you might be interested in, and here are six of them to get you started.

Home Office

Turning a garden room into a home office is a brilliant way to blend inside and outside and give you more space to work in a quiet, peaceful place that, as a bonus, you can lock away at the end of the day, helping you to create those all-important boundaries. To make things look great, you could have an interior designer help you create a calming atmosphere that keeps you productive.

Reading Room

For book lovers, what could be better than to turn a garden room into a reading room that’s completely cosy and comfortable? You could have a plush armchair or a sofa and a side table to put your drink on, as well as bookshelves lining the walls, and you’ll instantly have a home library and a space to enjoy some quiet reading while creating an outdoor living room.  

More Garden Time

If you currently only use your small garden when the weather’s nice, then you’re definitely not alone, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use it all year round? That’s exactly what a garden room could do for you. Invest in some nice-looking and durable outdoor furniture that can be comfortable no matter the weather, and your garden room becomes the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying nature even if you can’t technically be outside because it’s cold or wet.

Home Gym

Why trudge all the way to the gym to work out when you could do it from the comfort of your own home – or the comfort of your garden room? Add some good quality gym equipment to your garden room, and you’ll be able to exercise in your outdoor living space whenever you have a spare few minutes, so you’re probably more likely to stay fit and active compared to if you joined a gym and had to force yourself to go to it.

Home Bar

You can improve your home and garden by turning your garden room into a home bar, complete with beer pumps, optics, and shelves for glasses – not to mention stools so people can enjoy a drink comfortably. It might not be a complete substitute for going to your local, but it is a lot of fun, and you can decorate it any way you want to.

Hobby Room

Is your hobby threatening to take over your home? If so, why not build a garden room so you can store all your stuff out there and use the room to enjoy your hobby, too? Whether it’s photography, collecting things, painting, or anything else, having a great space with good garden furniture to enjoy it in really elevates it to the next level.

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If any of the above ideas sound like something you’re looking for – or if you have any ideas of your own – don’t hesitate to get in touch; on behalf of our trusted team, we can help you make the right choice when it comes to your new garden room.

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