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Top 5 Uses for Garden Rooms

Garden rooms have increased in popularity over the years – they provide an excellent additional space to be used for whatever you fancy without having to upheave your life and move somewhere bigger. They can maintain access to a garden, even when the weather is looking a bit uncertain, and allow a unique opportunity to personalise your space in precisely the way you want it. The size, shape, and format of your garden room will obviously depend on the space you have available and what you want from your room, but here are just a few ideas of what you can use a garden room for.



One of the top uses of a garden room has to be for relaxation. You should treat your garden room like an extension of your home – bring in tables and artwork, vases, comfortable chairs, and cushions. Why not set up a mini-bar with your favourite tipples? You can sit and enjoy peaceful solitude (or select company) and leave the slamming and banging back up the garden path. Listen to the birdsong as you perform your daily yoga or the pitter-patter of raindrops as you curl up with a good book.



Everywhere these days, we are encouraged to let our creativity flow, partly for fun and partly to maintain a healthy mental mindset. Often, creative hobbies tend to overflow the allocated desk and few drawers that felt necessary at the beginning. Having to clear not-quite-dry figures off the kitchen table for dinner is very frustrating. A garden room can be an excellent space to set up your own artistic studio. You can have space to store all the materials you need, a large area to create, and the ability to lock the door behind you so you don’t need to worry about items getting ruined by others. 



Why not have a look at the UK Garden Building’s Garden Rooms to find the perfect entertainment hub for your family and friends? A garden room is the perfect location for setting up a projector for movie night, storing board games, creating a reading nook, or tables for card games. Try to get cool boxes or fridges to store drinks and snacks so that your group can stay and enjoy themselves without one person heading back to the house for extras. Why not set your garden room up so that you have a space out front for a large fire pit and benches, too?



Exercise equipment can take up a lot of room, and, let’s face it, it’s not the nicest of stuff to look at. Getting a garden room could be a great alternative to tripping over weights in your living room or the bike ending up as a clothes horse. Having a dedicated exercise space can help your body get into the mindset of exercise – moving you towards your health goals. Obviously, you may need to be careful with the weight limits of equipment that you bring in.



The benefits of setting up a garden room as an office are huge – you can work in peace in a dedicated space to help productivity, and it can be designed and organised exactly how you need. However, you might find that it’s better used as a ‘sometimes’ office rather than as a permanent weekly feature. Changes in the seasons will be felt more in a garden room than in a centrally heated building, and you will need power and internet for your space. Depending on how you work, a garden room could be the perfect solution for you.

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